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Signode, a leading manufacturer of a broad spectrum of consumables, tools, software and equipment to optimize end-of-line packaging operations and protect product in transit, is highlighting unique stretch hood and stretch wrap solutions for palletized bricks as well as void pallets at ClayTech UK 2019 in Nottinghamshire, UK. Divided across several exhibit spaces at Newark Showground in booths 14, 15, 16 and 17, Signode is featuring its service and equipment offerings designed to achieve greater unitized pallet loads.

Representatives are on hand to discuss Signode’s line of Lachenmeier stretch hood equipment and Octopus™ automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers, as well as the companies’ complementary and innovative film offerings.

Ideal for heavy loads with sharp corners or temperature sensitive applications, the five-sided film protection inherently provided through the stretch hood application keeps pallet loads stabilized while simultaneously dry and free of dust or dirt. When coupled with Signode’s patented stretch hood film technologies, condensation can also be avoided and eliminated.

The Lachenmeier stretch hood equipment further ensures maximum throughput. Its Multi FleXL machine wraps loads from 500 x 500 mm and up to 3200 length x 1700 width mm, with a maximum height of 3000 mm. It can be configured with up to four different film sizes and be set up to automatically switch between sizes to provide enhanced flexibility and a perfect fit for every load.  Wrapping up to 150 loads an hour, depending on the size and height of the product, Multi FleXL further provides fast and accurate results.

For those looking for stretch wrap solutions, Signode is showcasing its popular Octopus™ line of automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers. The classic ring-type method of wrapping and robust construction ensures a well-balanced design which maximizes efficiency and reliability. It also allows for unlimited wrap patterns due to its ability to begin and end film cycles at any vertical point on the load. This inherent feature increases flexibility and reduces film usage up to 25%. When compared to traditional wrap systems, the “s” style wrap pattern improves pre-stretch levels, can better handle a variety of films, and significantly lowers the overall cost of ownership.

Additional film features can also be added to meet multiple demands. Signode’s Tail Tucker option virtually eliminates film tails. The patented technology behind the Tail Tucker ensures there will be no loose film tails on wrapped pallets.  It works by literally tucking the film tail behind the last two full webs of film. For enhanced branding, Logo WrapTM is another feature for those looking to custom brand pallet loads. The film is applied as part of the normal stretch wrapping process and work by seamlessly switching from traditional stretch film to Logo Wrap film and applying it when and where needed on the load. A stretch film itself, Logo Wrap enhances pallet security while simultaneously providing a solution that maintains brand integrity and visibility even in harsh and dusty environments.

All stretch hood and stretch wrap solutions are capable of working with or without strapping solutions and come in a variety of models to allow customers to focus on manufacturing.

From tiles, light concrete, pavestone and lime stone to roof tiles and more, Signode’s solutions are as varied as the industry it serves. Core to Signode’s value and new “We’ll Protect it From Here” brand message, Signode works hard to ensure customers receive optimal transit packaging solutions. Through its testing facility in Denmark, customers can see, learn and test all viable solutions for their unique applications –  helping them reduce potential costs and inefficiencies before they happen.

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With more than 80+ manufacturing facilities and over 7,000 employees worldwide, Signode is a leading manufacturer of a broad spectrum of packaging consumables, tools, software, and equipment that optimize end-of line packaging operations and protect products in transit. Signode brings this extensive product portfolio together under hundreds of trusted brands to offer complete transit packaging solutions to its customers.

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