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Industry 4.0 ready wrapping technologies that optimizes load stability while helping to reduce costs

Denmark (January 11, 2019) ― Lachenmeier ApS of Denmark, Oy M. Haloila Ab of Finland and H. Böhl of Germany, all part of the Signode Industrial Group, will join forces to demonstrate the synergistic benefits of their industry-leading stretch hood and stretch wrapping technologies on booth OG02 at the Gallery in hall 1 at LogiMAT, 19-21 February in Stuttgart, Germany. Jointly, the companies will present a unique portfolio of Industry 4.0 ready stretch hood and vertical and horizontal stretch wrapping technologies that can optimize the stability of standardized and non-standardized loads while helping to reduce costs.

“At LogiMAT our three companies will exhibit together in one booth to demonstrate a portfolio of pallet stretch hood and stretch wrapping solutions that connect with intralogistics interfaces,” said Alice Holm Kristensen, marketing manager, Signode Industrial Group’s Wrapping Technology Group. “We understand the challenges of the industry to enable fully automated intralogistics through networked and smart machine processes. OEE-uniform data capturing and quick interpretation capabilities through intuitive PackML user interfaces are key to optimizing pallet packing operations. That’s why we have installed on our end-of-line packaging equipment a next generation of HMI. Operators can now gain insights into complex packaging cycles through advanced visual guidance.”

Lachenmeier will run live demonstrations of its Multi FleX1 stretch hood machine equipped with the new SaveX HMI system. SaveX illustrates every step of the hooding process on a widescreen touch panel, provides intelligent communication on the hooding cycle and allows for secure, trouble-free and efficient operations. The system is now standard on all new Lachenmeier stretch hood models. The Multi FleX1 is capable of wrapping at very high speeds of up to 250+ loads per hour and offers the flexibility to run various load dimensions with only one film size. Additionally, several film rolls can be installed that wrap multiple load sizes with greater variations in size on the fly. The machine will among others show wrapping of single layer pallet loads.

Haloila will demonstrate its industry renowned Octopus stretch wrapping machine equipped with OctoFACE 2.0, a new HMI offering a differentiated user experience through personalization: select from 10”, 12” or 15” high resolution graphic screens, set individual user profiles and operation access levels, allocate customer names to wrapping programs and more. Octopus equipment is designed for high-performance and optimized life cycles. During live demonstrations, the machine will wrap various boxed products.

Böhl will display the orbital stretch wrapper BSB in combination with a Case Sealer SP-304, a unique system offering users the ability to improve product integrity and increase sustainability with greater packaging efficiency. Widely popular in e-commerce applications throughout Europe, the orbital wrapper is used to secure products to trays, and the case sealer ensures proper closure and sealing of the protective box. This equipment solution is used to safely package products like electrical components, heavy assemblies (pumps, motors, etc.) and other sensitive products. Historically, these products are packed by hand and filled with packaging material to protect products during transport. The H. Böhl orbital stretch wrapper eliminates the need for additional expensive loose fill packaging material by providing superior load stability. Prior to the product going into the outer box, it’s first placed on a suitable tray and placed inside the wrapper. The unique orbital design dispenses the stretch film over and under the product- securing it tightly to the tray. Once placed in the outer box the product is safely secured and rarely requires additional product protection. An intuitive design, high speeds, low material cost, maximum up-time, low noise operation, minimal setup times, and the ability to link together with an automated production line all make the H. Böhl a popular product load stabilizing solution. When combined with the Case Sealer SP-304, the tray packing system achieves even greater results. Ideal for a wide range of uniform cases and industrial environments, the reliable case sealer reduces labor costs associated with manual case sealing.

“Visitors will have the opportunity to discuss their load stability and pallet safety needs with our experts to help them find the right solution,” said Kristensen. “Warehouse and logistics service providers will find automated load protection solutions that deliver lower material and packaging costs with associated sustainability benefits. And, plant and logistics managers will discover solutions that provide increased throughput and productivity, better load protection for less damage, lower costs through waste reduction, while requiring less labor. There literally is something for everyone, whatever the application.”

For more information please visit booth OG02 at the Gallery in Hall 1 at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany from 19-21 February 2019.

The Multi FleX1 can wrap offers the flexibility to run various load dimensions with only one film size.

The Octopus 1845S stretch wrapping machine is designed for high-performance and optimized life cycles – for wrapping various load dimensions

Böhl BSB-450-SX spiral wrapping machine – to be shown in combination with a Case Sealer SP-304


About Lachenmeier

Lachenmeier is one of the leading global packaging machine providers as well as suppliers of related packaging film. Dedicated to manufacturing high-quality innovative packaging products that boost customer’s efficiency and profitability, the company’s portfolio includes stretch hood machines and shrink wrapping machines.

About Haloila

Haloila is a leading manufacturer of fully automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping technology that delivers high-performance solutions and optimized life cycles for pallet loads. The company is committed to understanding the needs of its customers by providing leading wrapping technology for a range of industries including construction, food and paper.

About H. Böhl

H.Böhl provides a range of high-quality packaging technology solutions, from standard equipment to a comprehensive range of customized machinery for wrapping, banding, pallet packaging, load securing, strapping or packing materials.

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