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Signode is offering state of art Transit Packaging Solutions for the Dairy Industry
By Alice Holm Kristensen, Marketing Manager, Signode Industrial Group

The dairy industry is only as good as its supply chain. The safe, speedy, and efficient transport of milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream and other dairy products is essential for this ever-growing market sector. That’s not including the multi-billion dollar rise of dairy alternatives like almond, soy and wheat milk

Regardless of its lactose levels, dairy and/or dairy-alternative product manufacturers face an array of material handling challenges. When it comes to shipping, not everything is as predictable as macaroni and cheese, and not everything is as volatile as ice cream. Everything moving through a processing plant and a distribution center does have a unique set of requirements. Some products are temperature sensitive and require cold-storage from fill-to-shelf, others may be highly perishable and need to be shipped quickly- pushing manufacturers throughput requirements to the limit.

Many packaging demands
As if ensuring these sensitive products arrive on-time and in-tact isn’t enough, new global regulations and sustainability standards are making matters more challenging. As a result, manufacturers are being forced to look for novel ways to meet demands without sacrificing quality. Cutting down on packaging material or ‘light-weighting’ containers is one method for reducing waste and cost. Other manufactures are exploring packaging alternatives such as moving from plastic/poly-based materials to rigid cartons.

In either scenario, these efforts can be thwarted if pallet loads are not properly contained. For example, when stretch wrapping pallet loads, high film tensions can crush products that have been ‘light weighted.’ It’s important to understand how product moves throughout its supply chain journey and to double-check if any changes have been made to the packaging or its handling. Some of the smallest adjustments can yield the biggest returns or failures.

Signodes variety of solutions
Fortunately, industry suppliers, like Signode, offer a wide variety of solutions to ensure the manufacturers’ end-of-line also protects its bottom-line. From automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to FDA-approved water-based adhesives for product palletization to stretch wrap/hood equipment and protective packaging solutions, Signode works closely with manufacturers to identify ideal transit packaging solutions for the application. In fact, Signode can also test any solution before it’s applied. From temperature-controlled rooms to drop-test equipment and vibration tables, Signode’s ISTA certified lab provides customers peace-of-mind on a pallet. Following the norms and standards for load stability worldwide, Signode’s commitment is further evident in its membership with EUMOS. The non-profit organization in Europe was founded to develop the safety on cargo transport and set the standard to test load unit rigidity. With a diverse portfolio and a lab to back it up, that also means Signode is unbiased in its recommendations.

Lachenmeier and Octopus equipment
For example, heavy loads with sharp corners, boxed product or temperature sensitive applications work well with Signode’s popular Lachenmeier stretch hood equipment.
The stretch hood equipment is further ideal at handling commissioned loads, especially low layer loads/one layers loads, where a stretch wrap solution is not preferred. However, for those looking for stretch wrap solutions, Signode offers its popular Octopus™ line of automatic rotary ring stretch wrappers. While it’s not ideal for low/single-layer loads, it does provide maximum load containment for most all others. The classic ring-type method of wrapping invented by Signode ensures a well-balanced design which maximizes efficiency and reliability. It also allows for unlimited wrap patterns due to its ability to begin and end film cycles at any vertical point on the load. This inherent feature increases flexibility and reduces film usage up to 25%. The ring-wrappers can operate in environments down to -25 degrees Celsius.
When compared to traditional wrap systems, the “s” style pre-stretch of film improves performance, better handles a variety of films, and significantly lowers the overall cost of ownership.

Complex dairy packaging
Given the diversity of dairy products, it’s no surprise that the way products are packaged is equally complex. From rigid milk cartons and plastic yogurt containers to resealable flexible cheese bags, pallet loads are as varied as the industry itself. To that effect, so is Signode. The company strives to provide its global customer base with the tools, expertise and solutions to meet even the most challenging transit packaging applications. So rather than crying over spilled milk, as the saying goes, keep your investment protected and work with your vendor to make sure the entire supply chain is optimized.

About Signode
With more than 80+ manufacturing facilities and more than 7,000 employees worldwide, Signode is a leading manufacturer of a broad spectrum of packaging consumables, tools, software, and equipment that optimize end-of line packaging operations and protect products in transit.

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