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This year’s “the packaging event”, interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, is closing by. Haloila will be presenting its Octopus stretch wrapping machine along with several other equipment and tools from the Signode Industrial Group.

We will showcase an Octopus fully automatic stretch wrapping machine, strapping and stapling solutions, a Girotec semi-automatic wrapping machine, cast, blown and oriented stretch films, as well as stretch hood and shrink wrap solutions. All in one place.

Welcome to visit us and discuss more with our packaging experts in HALL 12 – C48!



Journey of an Octopus stretch wrapping machine to interpack 2017 exhibition:

w9/2017: The parts of an Octopus machine are already at the factory floor waiting for the assembly to start.
w10/2017: Eight weeks to go until the interpack 2017 exhibition starts at Düsseldorf. The Octopus stretch wrapper is currently at the assembly phase.
w11/2017: It will not only be an Octopus stretch wrapping machine, but an automatic packaging line shown at the interpack 2017 exhibition! Now also the conveyors are in place. And there is more to come…
w12/2017: Test wrappings has been done at the Masku factory. Next week the Octopus stretch wrapping machine will head to our sister company in Germany. The whole set-up will be built and tested before the exhibition starts.
w13/2017: At the interpack 2017 we will demonstrate a packaging solution from Signode Industrial Group. Octopus machine is now ready for a pick-up and shipment to our sister company in Germany. In Hilden strapping machines from Strapex and Signode are assembled in the same line as Octopus and tested together before shipment to Dusseldorf. 
w14/2017: The whole line for interpack 2017 exhibition has now been installed at our sister company in Hilden for testing. The Octopus stretch wrapping machine is in the middle of the line and three strapping machines from Strapex and Signode are at the end of each three conveyor lines.
w17/2017: The installation of the machines is proceeding well at our stand. All the bigger equipment are already in place. In addition to the Octopus machine, also the other Signode Industrial Group technologies are well represented at the same booth!
w19/2017: It turned out to be pretty nice show with over 170 000 visitors from 168 countries in total. Thank you for visiting us, looking forward to meet you again in 2020! Watch a short video clip in YouTube.



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