Our stretch wrapping machines – Octopus

Our machines are designed for high performance and optimized life cycle. Octopus stretch wrapping machine is the flagship of our product portfolio. A commitment to meet our customer’s need drives the development of the entire product offering.

What is Octopus Ring Technology?

The Octopus ring technology is the result of innovative research and development work. It combines our long experience, the result of delivering over 6,000 Octopus machines, with an understanding of the varied needs of customers. The Octopus ring technology is suitable for all pallet-loadable products in many branches of industry.

Octopus – 30 years of innovation

The year 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the Octopus stretch wrapping machine. The first stretch wrapper utilizing ring technology was developed by Signode Finland, former Haloila, in year 1983, revolutionising the packaging industry and evolving Octopus machines to a complete product range. The success of the Octopus concept has expedited Signode Finland’s growth internationally.


Our stretch wrapping solutions for all your individual needs:

Compact 20 / Compact TSi series




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