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Case Story Mars Food Europe

By Alice Holm Kristensen, Marketing Manager, Signode Wrapping. When early in 2017 Mars Food Europe contacted Haloila, the company was looking for a totally new packaging philosophy for securing their products during transport. Mars Food Europe produces and transports food, e.g. pasta sauce, in glass jars – durable and hygienic... View Article


Pallet load packaging brought into the next level

Case story Zentis GmbH, Germany Zentis invests in a fully automatic Octopus stretch wrapping machine Building up a packaging line is challenging. To upgrade one is more challenging. When some or even one of the equipment needs to be upgraded, for instance due to a significant capacity increase, the project... View Article


Welcome to meet us at Hispack 2018!

Barcelona May 8 - 11, 2018 at the GRAN VIA